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Attention AT Program Directors!
Are you ready for Standard "78"? 

-- Orthopedic
Casting Instruction -- 

 Let ASOP support your Path towards Compliance

as an 
ASOP Orthopedic Physician Extender Program  you will have the ROADMAP for Clinical Specialty!
The ASOP OPE curriculum is a comprehensive educational program that enables the athletic training student the opportunity to demonstrate competency in select orthopedic related areas. A primary outcome of the ASOP OPE curriculum is to: 
  •  Further the career advancement for athletic trainers in orthopedics.
  •  Empower your AT Program to deliver a challenging academic program that is competency- and evidenced-based.
  •  Provide knowledge and skills that lead to potential candidacy for other value-added certifications as an Orthopedic Physician Extender, OPE.
The ASOP OPE program design will allow your athletic training faculty to facilitate a challenging program that leads your students towards value added certification within the orthopedic discipline – the Orthopedic Physician Extender (OPE) examination.

In today’s economy, ASOP continues to advocate for the athletic trainer in the orthopedic physician setting. 
ASOP Leads the Way on AT Faculty Instruction 
in Orthopedic Casting!
The American Society of Orthopedic Professionals has taken the reigns on the instruction and training in orthopedic casting for Athletic Training Programs. With the addition of select orthopedic practice competencies (i.e., casting techniques) on the instructional horizon, ASOP has strategically aligned with the healthcare field to build the OPE program that supports the career objectives for future graduates within clinical orthopedics.  
  ASOP PROJECT 78 - Practical Exam Skill Sheets, Workshop Agendas, Course Syllabus Templates, Textbook Reference materials 
  All casting and bracing instruction taking place on your campus.  NO workshop travel!
  OPE instructional materials in PRIVATE "Member's Area"
  FULL ACCESS when one (1) AT Faculty becomes ASOP Member* 
  Additional credentialing and FREE Category A CEUs available
  Plus MUCH MORE - 
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AT Programs partnering with us!
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All the best
Charles Barocas
(O) 727-394-1700
P.S. : ASOP is the largest professional trade organization within the field of orthopedic technology.  In the last 15 years, ASOP has trained over 13,000 medical professionals, including orthopedic residents, physician assistants, certified athletic trainers, orthotic fitters and other healthcare practitioners in the area of orthopedic casting and bracing.  
We look forward to working alongside your faculty and students! 
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