Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Orthopedic Physician Extender [OPE] Certification Examination?
The Orthopedic Physician Extender examination is a 125 question online, objective assessment comprised of the knowledge and skills genuinely representative of the athletic trainer in the orthopedic setting. The OPE-C will provide the marked designation needed to fully describe the value added practice credential possessed by the athletic trainer in the orthopedic physician setting.

Why become OPE certified?
Successful completion of the OPE credentialing exam will indicate the knowledge and skills in the following competency areas within orthopedic practice: (1) Evidenced-based reasoning in the assessment and management for specific musculoskeletal injury/pathology; (2) Appropriate fracture immobilization and identifying the fundamental goals relative to patient care/safety; (3) Understanding of musculoskeletal imaging and intervention strategies/techniques in orthopedic practice; (4) Knowledge of orthopedic healthcare management practices, and (5) Professional considerations in orthopedic care.

Why should the Athletic Trainer specifically take the OPE certification examination?
The orthopedic extender position for the athletic trainer continues to be a vast growth opportunity within the profession. In today’s economy, professionals are always seeking an opportunity to continue their marketability in the workforce, particularly the orthopedic setting. The educational background/preparation of the athletic trainer continues to afford the AT a seamless transition within clinical orthopedic setting. 

As such, previous data supports the considerable value the athletic trainer has on patient throughput, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, as well as, the marked economic impact athletic trainers have in the orthopedic setting. 

How can I use the OPE certification designation [OPE-C] (listing credentials) along with my other professional credentialing?
There is a no question that consistency in the use of professional credentialing offsets any confusion or misinterpretation. You should always list your academic credentials first, licensure and then professional credentials at the end. For example, an athletic trainer with a master’s degree or doctorate along with possessing state licensure should then be followed up with OPE-C designation.
Note: John Smith, MS, ATC, OPE-C

What does my OPE registration fees include?
By registering for for the OPE-C examination, you will receive the following through December 31, 2019:
- Access to OPE-C online examination platform
- One (1) year ASOP Professional Membership
- Full access to Candidate Resource Area that includes an eight (8) hour OPE Home Study Course = 8 Category A CEUs for the Athletic Trainer [P120]
What about Continuing Education requirements? How many CEUs are required and what is the reporting cycle etc?
Those possessing the OPE-C credential must complete continuing education units (CEUs) through the reporting cycle. 

Please note, ASOP accepts CEU hours accumulated as an Athletic Trainer along with other medical healthcare related professional affiliations. ASOP will also email continuing education opportunities throughout the year.  Specifically, the OPE-C reporting cycle aligns with CEU reporting as an Athletic Trainer. The next reporting cycle deadline will be December 31, 2019. 

ASOP is transitioning to a new online platform for CEU reporting. The ASOP Continuing Education Committee will notify all OPE-C members when to access the CEU platform for verification upload.   Please see below for more information. 
2018 Certification Year**                                
CEU Requirements/Renewal = 24 CEUs
ASOP Membership Renewal Fee = $100
OPE-C Recertification Fee = $25

2019 Certification Year**
CEU Requirements/Renewal = 12 CEUs
ASOP Membership Renewal Fee = $50
OPE-C Recertification Fee = $25

**renewal/CEUs due by December 31st 2019
What are the Orthopedic Physician Extender [OPE] Certification requirements?
In order to apply for the OPE certification, an individual must be credentialed in good standing as an Athletic Trainer OR is in the process of completing a Professional Athletic Training Program, Post-professional Athletic Training Program, Residency Athletic Training Program or AT Clinical Doctoral Program 

How can I prepare for Orthopedic Physician Extender [OPE] Certification Examination?
By completing or in the process of matriculating through an athletic training program, one cannot ask for a more comprehensive education preparation for managing the disposition of the physically active individual. You already have an exhaustive library of professional resources from your academic program in orthopedics. However, when you register for the OPE certification examination, you will get full access to the private, password protected member’s area. The candidate area is a full repository of educational resources (textbooks, PowerPoint slides, videos) in select areas of orthopedic competency (casting, bracing, diagnostic imaging, etc.). Lastly, there are select practice questions in the Orthopedic Physician Extender Certification Candidate Guide.

How/where can I apply and register for the OPE certification examination?
All candidates can navigate through the online registration process and apply for the OPE examination. If you have any technical issues during the registration process, feel free to call us (727) 394-1700 or for additional assistance. Please refer to our video library for a review of the registration process. 

What forms of payment are available for processing the exam application?
You may register with either VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER through our online secure payment processor.  Click here to register.

Will I receive confirmation that my application has been approved?
Yes.  You will receive email confirmation that your application has been approved, along with additional instructions for continuing in the examination process process.

If you are enrolled in an Athletic Training Program that is also an “ASOP Approved OPE Program”, then your program director/clinical education coordinator or faculty designee may verify your exam application and endorse your continuation in the examination process.

Will I receive communication that I have successfully registered for the OPE examination?
You will receive an email from the test administrator after completing the application form and processing your payment. Please check your email and spam folder for communication on your application status. You will be asked to verify your email by inputting a unique numerical that can be found in your initial email from the test administrator in order to proceed with final exam regustration. Please refer to our video library for a review of the process.
What are the policies regarding refunding, rescheduling, and/or cancellation?
Refunds: If your application is not approved, you will obtain a full refund.

Requests for Refund: If you elect to cancel your exam registration and wish to receive a refund on your application, you must contact the ASOP Credentialing Department . As such, requests for a refund must be received prior to starting the exam from within the exam portal. Requests received after starting/attempting the exam will not be accepted. To apply for a future exam after cancelling or receiving an initial application refund, you must submit a new application and pay full registration fee.

60-day Exam Termination: If you fail to complete the OPE exam within the 60-day window (from time of exam portal registration and NOT time of payment processing or workshop date), your exam will be purged from candidate portal and you will have to request repeat access.

Where do I take the OPE examination?   What is the exam format?
All examinations consist of multiple-choice (single and multiple select) drag and drop, and matching questions that are carefully designed, reviewed for correctness, and computer-scored.

OPE examination questions have been developed by subject matter experts. Item performance is monitored through psychometric analysis. All exam questions are selected to satisfy the test specifications of the exam content analysis and are referenced to the preparatory material in the private member area.

How many questions will be on the exam?
The Orthopedic Physician Extender examination is a 125 question online, objective assessment comprised of the knowledge and skills genuinely representative of the athletic trainer in the orthopedic setting.

How long do I have to actually take the exam? 
The OPE exam has a four (4) hour time limit.  

After completing the application and registration process, what is the time frame for acquiring access to the exam portal?
After email verification, you will have immediate access to the exam portal to take the exam. Please refer to our video library for a review of the process. 

What is the timeline for completing the exam?
You will receive an email that includes your unique URL for accessing the exam. You will have a 60-day window to log in and click the green button to “BEGIN EXAM”; (from time of exam portal registration and NOT time of payment processing or workshop date), .  From that point, the timer has been engaged and you have a 4-hour time limit to complete all the questions and submit your exam.

Can I stop after starting the exam, or close my browser? How can I resume?
Once you click “Begin Exam” the four (4) hour time limit will start. You may exit your browser and re-enter, however, you only have three hours to answer and submit your attempt.

AGAIN, please note, the clock DOES NOT STOP once you start the exam! (even if you log out)

If I am unsuccessful on my exam attempt, what is the retake policy? If so, how many attempts and is there a re-application fee?
You will have two (2) attempts to pass the OPE examination. After your second unsuccessful attempt [70% pass point], you must wait 30 days before attempting to retake the exam. 
There is a $50 administrative re-processing fee to reset your exam portal.

How do I get my exam results?
You will receive email notification of your exam results upon completion. Additionally, you can log into your exam portal and view results. Please refer to our video library for a review of the process. 

When do I get my exam results after completion? How long does it take to get my exam results?
Once you “submit” your exam, you will instantaneously see your exam score. You will also receive an email containing your final exam score and as a certified member in good standing, you will always have access to the exam portal.

What is the passing score on the OPE examination? 
The OPE examination passing score is 70%. 

Can I check my exam status online?
Yes, as a certified member in good status, you will always have access to your exam portal. If you purchase CEU courses through ASOP (p120), you will complete and view all continuing education courses through the exam portal dashboard.

Will I receive a certificate of completion for passing the OPE examination?  
Yes, upon successfully challenging the OPE exam, an initial certificate of completion can be downloaded (pdf) from the exam portal. Please refer to our video library for a review of the process.

Additionally, your official OPE certificate that contains your name, certification #, date of completion will be emailed to you within two (2) weeks of submission.

I have questions and cannot find the answers in the FAQs section?
If the FAQs have not addressed your question(s), please contact our ASOP Credentialing Department via or (727) 394-1700.

Do you have videos that outline the process from initial registration to taking exam and finally obtaining results?
Please check back soon - we will have a complete  video library for a complete review of the examination process. 

Can I download a copy of your FAQ document?
Absolutely.  Please click here to download a pdf version of the OPE-C FAQ document. 

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